2014 Proceedings

The European Conference on Integrated Optics 2014 (ECIO) took place at University Nice Sophia Antipolis in Nice on 24 – 27 june 2014.

European Conference on Integrated Optics 2014


Tu1abPL1 Photonic integration: beyond telecom and datacom
G. Roelkens
Tu2aI1 Computational Analysis of Subwavelength Grating
J. Čtyroký
Tu2aR1 Amplitude and phase error correction in 3×3 MMIs
Emil Kleijn, Meint K. Smit and Xaveer J. M. Leijtens
Tu2bI1 Foundry based approach for InP based PIC development
Meint K. Smit
Tu2bR1 Dual-Wavelength AWG based Lasers for Narrow Linewidth Heterodyne Beat-Note Generation
R. Guzman, A. Jimenez, G. Carpintero, X.J.M Leijtens, K. Ławniczuk
Tu2bR2 AWG based wavelength-meter with pm resolution
D. D’Agostino, R. Broeke, M. Boerkamp, J. Mink, H.P.M.M. Ambrosius and M.K. Smit
Tu3aI1 Photonic crystal lasers for computercom networks
Shinji Matsuo
Tu3aR1 1.6-W, Highly Efficient Laser at 2 µm in a Potassium Double Tungstate Channel Waveguide
Koop van Dalfsen, Shanmugam Aravazhi, Christos Grivas, Sonia M. García-Blanco, Markus Pollnau
Tu3aR2 High-gain spiral amplifiers in a-Al2O3:Er3+ on a silicon chip
Sergio A. Vázquez-Córdova, Edward H. Bernhardi, Kerstin Wörhoff, Sonia M. García-Blanco, Markus Pollnau
Tu3aR3 A Coupled Cavity Laser based on a Multimode Interference Reflector
D. D’Agostino, D. Lenstra, H.P.M.M. Ambrosius and M.K. Smit
Tu3aR4 Ytterbium-Doped Tantalum Pentoxide Waveguide Lasers
A. Aghajani , G.S. Murugan, N.P. Sessions, V. Apostolopoulos, J. S. Wilkinson
Tu3aR5 PLD-grown Yb:Y2O3 waveguide laser Q-switched by a graphene saturable absorber
A. Choudhary, S. Dhingra, B. D’Urso, T. L. Parsonage, K. A. Sloyan, R. W. Eason and D. P. Shepherd
Tu3aR6 Characterization of an AWG-based dual-wavelength ring laser
A. Corradi, G. Carpintero, E. Smalbrugge, M.K. Smit and E.A.J.M. Bente
Tu3bI1 Grating Coupler Integrated Semiconductor Laser Diodes
T. Suhara, M. Uemukai
Tu3bI2 Fan-in/Fan-out Three-dimensional Polymer Waveguide for Uncoupled Multi-core Fibers
T. Watanabe and Y. Kokubun
Tu3bR1 Selectively formed spot-size converters for efficient coupling in graphene-integrated silicon photonics
Y. Kobayashi, K. Warabi, R. Kou, H. Nishi, T. Tsuchizawa, T. Yamamoto, K. Yamada and H. Nakajima
Tu3bR2 Scattering-related crosstalk in photonic waveguides
D. Melati, F. Morichetti, G. G. Gentili, M. Baier, F. M. Soares, A. Melloni
Tu3bR3 Interleave-chirp arrayed waveguide grating on InP generic technology
B. Gargallo and P. Muñoz
We2abPL2 VCSEL -Its History and Prospects for Green Microoptics
Kenichi Iga
We2aTU1 Design of integrated photonic devices for high-speed high coherent receivers
A. Ortega-Moñux, D. Pérez-Galacho, C. Alonso-Ramos, P. J. Reyes-Iglesias, R. Halir, R. Godoy-Rubio, J. G. Wangüemert-Pérez Wangüemert, Í. Molina-Fernández, R. Zhang, P. Runge
We2bTU2 40 years anniversary of Ti:LiNbO3 and beyond
Hirochika Nakajima
We3aI2 Self-aligned InP polarization converters for monolithic polarization-multiplexed PICs
T. Tanemura, M. Zaitsu, and Y. Nakano
We3aI3 Integrated Optical Switch Matrices
K.A. Williams and R. Stabile
We3aR3 Electrical Method for On-Wafer Modal Gain Characterization of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
E. Bitincka, R. G. Broeke and M. K. Smit
We3aR4 Colliding Pulse Mode-Locked Laser Diode using Multimode Interference Reflectors
C. D. Gordon, R. Guzman, A. Jimenez, X. Leijtens, G. Carpitero
We3bI1 Integrated Single Photon Circuits
S. Höfling , J. Beetz, M. Lermer, T. Hoang, S. Fattah poor, L. Midolo, D. Sahin, A. Gaggero, R. Leoni, A. Fiore, M. Kamp
We3bI2 A silicon quantum photonics chip for generation and analysis of entanglement
Raffaele Santagati, Joshua W. Silverstone, Damien Bonneau, Michael J. Strain, Marc Sorel, Jeremy L. O’Brien, and Mark G. Thompson
We3bR1 Hybrid Integration for Single Photon Generation
T. Meany, L. A. Ngah, M. J. Collins, A. S. Clark, R. J. Williams, B. J. Eggleton, M. J. Steel, M. J. Withford, O. Alibart, and S. Tanzilli
We3bR2 Ultra-fast Photon Pair Sources for Quantum Networking
L.A. Ngah, V. D’Auria, L. Labonté, O. Alibart, S. Tanzilli
We4aI1 Low-loss LiNbO3 integrated photonic crystals
N. Courjal, M.P. Bernal, C. Guyot, F. Henrot, G. Ulliac, W. Qiu, F. Baida
We4aR1 3D Direct-Laser-Written Mid-Infrared Waveguide Circuits in Fused Silica and Crystalline Quartz
Javier Martínez, Airán Ródenas, Toney Fernandez, M. Aguiló, Javier Rodríguez Vázquez de Aldana, Javier Solis and Francesc Díaz
We4aR2 Mobility-controlled Method to Construct QPM Devices
Chun-Hao. Yang, Kai.-Hsun. Chang, Lung-Han. Peng, A-H. Kung, and A. Boudrioua
We4aR3 Optical Waveguides Processed by Internal Diffusion in Photosensitive Doped Host/Guest Polymer
Heinrich Sieber, Uwe Hollenbach, Jürgen Mohr, Karl Pfeiffer, Ute Ostrzinski, Gabi Grützner
We4aR4 Ridge waveguide structures in KYW crystals produced by beam-multiplexed fs-laser writing
J. Martínez de Mendíbil, G. Lifante, J. del Hoyo, J. Solís, M. C. Pujol, M. Aguiló and F. Díaz
We4aR5 Nanocrystalline Diamond Optical Planar Waveguides
V. Prajzler, P. Nekvindová, M. Varga, Z. Remes, A. Kromka
We4aR6 Subsurface Disorder and Electro-Optical Properties of Proton-Exchanged LiNbO3 Waveguides Produced by Different Techniques
S.M. Kostritskii, Yu.N. Korkishko, V.A. Fedorov, V.P. Mitrokhin, O.G. Sevostyanov, I.M. Chirkova, M. De Micheli, O. Stepanenko
We4bI1 PLC-based three-mode multi/demultiplexer for mode division multiplexing transmission
N. Hanzawa, K. Saitoh, T. Sakamoto, T. Matsui, K. Tsujikawa, T. Uematsu, M. Koshiba, and F. Yamamoto
We4bR1 A fully static OCT sensor using glass integrated optics system based on the LLIFTS technology
A. Creux, A. Warzecha, A. Morand, P. Benech, F. Thomas, E. Lecoarer, R. Puget, C. Bonneville, B. Martin, C. Cassagnettes and D. Barbier.
We4bR2 Sub-base-pair Resolution During DNA Separation in an Optofluidic Chip
Markus Pollnau, Manfred Hammer, Chaitanya Dongre, Hugo J. W. M. Hoekstra
We4bR3 Ta2O5 Waveguides for Mid-infrared Evanescent Sensing of Stem Cell Differentiation
David J. Rowe, Nicholas D. Evans, Stuart J. Pearce, Ganapathy Senthil Murugan, James S. Wilkinson
We4bR4 Intra-laser-cavity Sensing with a Dual-wavelength Distributed-feedback Laser
Edward H. Bernhardi, Kees O. van der Werf, Anton J. F. Hollink, Kerstin Wörhoff, Vinod Subramaniam, Markus Pollnau
We4bR5 Demodulation of Holographically Reconstructed 2-D Signals with Spatial Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
M. Bunsen, T. Hisaoka, T. Sato, M. Takabayashi, A. Okamoto
We4bR6 AWG-based integrated fiber-Bragg-grating interrogator with improved sensitivity
Dzmitry Pustakhod, Emil Kleijn, Meint K. Smit, and Xaveer J. M. Leijtens
Th1PL4 High speed germanium and silicon optoelectronic devices
L. Vivien, D. Marris-Morini, L. Virot, D. Perez-Galacho, P. Damas, G. Rasigade, J-M. Hartmann, E. Cassan, P. Crozat, S. Olivier, C. Baudot, F. Boeuf, J-M. Fédéli
Th2aI1 A fs-laser written waveguide in periodically poled Rb:KTiOPO4 for efficient second harmonic generation
F. Laurell, S. Müller, T. Calmano, P. Metz, C. Kränkel, C. Canalias, C. Liljestrand, and G. Huber
Th2aI2 Guided-wave AlGaAs optical parametric oscillator
C. Ozanam, L. Lanco, X. Lafosse, A. Andronico, I. Favero, S. Ducci, G. Leo
Th2aR1 Highly confining nonlinear proton exchanged embedded waveguides on z-cut lithium niobate.
O. Stepanenko1, I. Krasnokutska1, E. Quillier1, P. Baldi1, M. De Micheli1
Th2aR2 Second-Order Nonlinear Characterizations of NonHomogeneous Quasi-Phase-Matched Waveguides
I. Krasnokutska, O. Stepanenko, E. Quillier, H. Tronche, P. Aschieri, M. De Micheli, P. Baldi
Th2bI1 Ultracompact photonic crystal integrated circuits: connecting tiny devices to achieve high-performances
Stefania Malaguti, Gaetano Bellanca and Stefano Trillo
Th2bI2 CMOS Photonic Integrated Circuits and Systems
Rajeev J. Ram
Th2bR1 An enhanced wavelength tolerant design for the Generation of N-partite single photon W-states
K. Thyagarajan, Surajit Paul
Th2bR2 Reflective Arrayed Waveguide Grating with Sagnac Loop Reflectors in Silicon-on-Insulator with Gaussian Pass-band
R. Baños, A.L. Giesecke, J. Bolten, T. Wahlbrink, B. Gargallo, P. Muñoz and H. Kleinjans
Th4aI2 On chip gallium arsenide optomechanical systems
I. Favero, C. Baker, D. Parrain, W. Hease, D.T.Nguyen, E.Gil Santos, J.Restrepo, C.Ciuti, P. Senellart, A.Lemaître, S.Ducci, G.Leo
Th4aR07 First Observation of Photon-Photon Resonance in Active Multimode Interferometer Laser Diode
Mohammad N. Uddin, H. Bingzhou, A. Tajima, K. Kato and K. Hamamoto
Th4aR08 Study on Optical Confinement of Small Size VCSEL Using Index Change of QWI
Asako Kikuchi, Tomoyuki Miyamoto
Th4aR10 Passive Mode-Locking and Tilted Waves in Broad-Area Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
M. Marconi, J. Javaloyes, S. Balle, M. Giudici
Th4aR11 Sub-THz Carrier Frequency Generation Stabilized by Mach-Zehnder Interferometric Phase Detection Scheme
S. Takeuchi, K. Kato, S. Hisatake, T. Nagatsuma
Th4aR12 Towards a high bandwidth waveguide photodetector in an InP membrane on Silicon
L. Shen, S.P. Bhat, Y. Jiao, J.J.G.M. van der Tol, G. Roelkens, M.K. Smit
Th4bI1 Optical Mode Switch for Future Optical Router
Kiichi Hamamoto
Th4bR1 High Performance Electro-Optic Polarization Conversion Type Modulator for Short-Wavelength Light Using Periodically Poled MgO:LiNbO3
T. Inoue, T. Suhara
Th4bR2 Dilated 2×2 Hybrid MZI-SOA Switch Circuit Routing 100Gb/s DWDM Data
Q. Cheng, A. Wonfor, J. L. Wei, R. V. Penty, I. H. White
Th4bR3 High-Contrast Grating Spatial Mode Filter for Widely Tunable Vertical Surface Emitting Laser
S. Inoue1, F. Koyama1
Fr2aI4 Quantum simulation with integrated photonics
Fabio Sciarrino
Fr2aR3 Engineering waveguide arrays for high-purity matched four-wave mixing photon sources
P. L. Mennea, J. B. Spring, J. C. Gates, B. J. Metcalf, P. C. Humphreys, M. Moore, M. T., Posner, N. K. Langford, W. S. Kolthammer, I. A. Walmsley, P. G. R. Smith
Th2bI1 Ultracompact photonic crystal integrated circuits: connecting tiny devices to achieve high-performances
Stefania Malaguti, Gaetano Bellanca and Stefano Trillo
Th2bR1 An enhanced wavelength tolerant design for the Generation of N-partite single photon W-states
K. Thyagarajan, Surajit Paul
Fr3aI3 Si-Wire based 8 × 8 strictly-Non-Blocking PILOSS Switch
Keijiro Suzuki, Ken Tanizawa, Takashi Matsukawa, Guangwei Cong, Sang-Hun Kim, Satoshi Suda, Morifumi Ohno, Tadashi Chiba, Hirofumi Tadokoro, Masashi Yanagihara, Yasushi Igarashi, Meishoku Masahara, Shu Namiki, and Hitoshi Kawashima
Fr3aI4 Graphene Integrated Silicon Photonics
R. Kou, S. Tanabe, T. Tsuchizawa, k. Warabi, Y. Kobayashi, S. Suzuki, H. Hibino, T. Yamamoto, H. Nakajima, K. Yamada
Fr3aR3 Transparent Monitoring of Light in Integrated Optics
S. Grillanda, F. Morichetti, M. Carminati, P. Ciccarella, G. Ferrari, M. Sampietro, and A. Melloni
P001 Optimized Distributed Feedback Dye Laser Sensor for Real-Time Monitoring of Small Molecule Diffusion
Christoph Vannahme, Cameron L. C. Smith, Martin Dufva, Anders Kristensen
P002 Stabilization of Q-switched operation in glass waveguide lasers
L. Bastard, H. Ouslimani, G. Grosa1, J.E. Broquin
P003 Study on Confinement Scheme of GaN-based VerticalCavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
S.-C. Huang, Y.-Y. Lai, T.-L. Ho, T.-C. Lu, and S.-C. Wang
P004 Opto-electronic wavelength tracker in Silicon-on-Insulator
R. Baños, P. Muñoz, J.D. Doménech, J.S. Fandino
P005 Optical samples measurement based on orthogonally polarized light over phase-shifting FD-OCT
Jen-Fa Huang, Hsu-Chih Cheng, Chia-Tsai Huang
P006 Integrated Photonic Devices Driven by Surface Acoustic Waves
A. Crespo-Poveda, K. Biermann, A. Tahraoui, P. V. Santos, B. Gargallo, P. Muñoz, A. Cantarero, M. M. de Lima, Jr.
P007 Integrated polymer waveguides incorporating nonlinear chromophores for all-optical signal processing
E. Delcourt, L. Bodiou, J. Charrier, S. Achelle, J. Lemaitre, N. Lorrain and D. Bosc
P008 Fabrication of Y-Splitters and Mach-Zehnder interferometers on (Yb, Nb):RbTiOPO4/ RbTiOPO4 epitaxial layers by Reactive Ion Etching and on RbTiOPO4 by Cs+ diffusion
M.A. Butt, R. Solé, M.C. Pujol, A. Ródenas, G. Lifante, J.S. Wilkinson, A. Choudhary, G.S. Murugan, D.P. Shepherd , M. Aguiló and F. Díaz
P009 Carbon nanotubes incorporated-hybrid waveguides for photonics applications
L.Bodiou, J. Charrier, J. Lemaitre, E. Delcourt and D. Bosc M. Guézo, T. Batte, Q. Gu, J. Le Pouliquen, H. Folliot
P010 Near and Mid Infrared Lithium Niobate based Integrated Optics Interferometer based on SWIFTS-Lippmann
Fabrice Thomas, Mikhael de Mengin, , Samuel Heidmann, Nadege Courjal, Gwenn Ulliac, Alain Morand, Pierre Benech, Etienne Le Coarer, and Guillermo Martin
P011 Vertically-coupled AlGaAs microdisks using selective lateral oxidation
G. Lafleur, A. Larrue, G. Almuneau, P.-F. Calmon, A. Arnoult, O. Gauthier-Lafaye, S. Calvez
P012 Step-index Nd:YAG ceramic buried channel waveguides fabricated by direct laser writing
J. Martínez de Mendíbil, A. Benayas, D. Jaque, A. K. Kar, A. Ródenas and E. Cantelar
P013 Optomechanics with 2D photonic crystals membrane
R. Braive, V. Tsvirkun, A. Chowdhury, I. Robert-Philip, K. Makles, P.-F. Cohadon, T. Briant, S. Deleglise, A. Heidmann
P014 Dual Pump Microresonator Frequency Comb Generation and Optical Buffer Memories
T. Hansson, S. Wabnitz
P015 Design of a phase shifter in InP Membranes On Silicon based on a slot-waveguide with liquid-crystal
A.J. Millán-Mejía , J.J.G.M. van der Tol, and M.K. Smit
P016 Phase-space control of unconventional modes for SDM
V. Doya, F. Gustave, C. Michel, P. Aschieri
P017 Electrical Crosstalk Simulation of InP-based PhaseShifters from a Generic Photonic Integration Platform
W. Yao, G. Gilardi, M. K. Smit, M. J. Wale
P018 Design of Long Period Waveguide Gratings for Broad Band Polarization Filters
Girish Semwal and Vipul Rastogi
P019 Optimization of silicon wire waveguide crossing by means of vertical coupling with a polymer waveguide
A. Tsarev, E. Kolosovsky
P020 Radiation of photonic crystals with multiple cavities
A. Tsarev, A. Shklyaev,
P021 Particle Patterning on Lithium Niobate waveguides via photovoltaic tweezers
M. Jubera, A. García-Cabañes, J. Olivares,, J. Ramiro, A. Alcazar and M. Carrascosa
P022 Analysis of Temperature Dependence of Ce:YIG for Athermal Waveguide Optical Isolator
Y. Shoji, T. Nemoto, T. Mizumoto
P023 Study of the magneto-optical interaction in a hybrid nonreciprocal mode converter
J.P. Garayt, E. Jordan, F. Parsy, E. Ghibaudo, F. Royer, J-E. Broquin, S. Neveu, D. Jamon
P024 Cross-Connected Notch Filter with a Flat Stopband and Double Free-Spectral-Range
Chyong-Hua Chen
P025 Loss Uniformity Improvement of Arrayed-waveguide Grating Router using Interleaved Chirped Array
H. Asakura1 and H. Tsuda1
P026 TE-TM Mode Conversion Optical Isolator Employing Halfwave Plate Integrated with Spot-Size Converters
Hideki Yokoi, Daisuke Tamura, Yukihiro Okada
P027 Bandwidth and Offset Launch Investigations on a 1.4 m Multimode Polymer Spiral Waveguide
Jian Chen, Nikos Bamiedakis, Richard V. Penty, Ian H. White, Petter Westbergh, Anders Larsson
P028 Bit-Error-Rate Performance in Optical 16QAM Recognition with Integrated-Optic Circuit
Aiko Takahashi, Kensuke Inoshita, Yoshimitsu Hama, Nobuo Goto, and Shin-ichiro Yanagiya
P029 Two beam multiplexing in a multimode periodic segmented waveguide
P. Aschieri, V. Doya D. Makarov
P030 Design and Fabrication Technology for a Twin-Guide SOA Concept on InP membranes
Y. Jiao, D. Heiss, L. Shen, S.P. Bhat, M.K. Smit, J.J.G.M. van der Tol
P031 Photonic integrated transceivers for data read-out systems
S. Stopinski, M. Malinowski, R. Piramidowicz, D. Gajanana, M. J. van der Hoek, M. K. Smit, X. J. M. Leijtens
P032 Wavelength-Selective Nanopatterned III-V on Si Hybrid Photonic Waveguide
X.Pommarede, A.Talneau, A.Lupu and H.Benisty
P033 Generic InP-based Photonic Integration Technology Platform for Long Wavelength Applications
H. Rabbani Haghighi, P.J. van Veldhoven, P.J.A. Thijs, T.D. Vries and M. K. Smit
P034 Polarization Property of a Double-layer Wire Grid Polarizer and the Mechanism of Transmission
A. Motogaito, Y. Morishita, H. Miyake, K. Hiramatsu
P035 Excitation of Surface Plasmon Polariton at the GaP–Au Interface in a High-Refractive-Index Medium
A. Motogaito, S. Nakamura, J. Miyazaki, H. Miyake, K. Hiramatsu
P036 QD-PMMA nanocomposite plasmonic waveguides
I. Suárez, E. P. Fitrakis, R. Abargues, P.J. Rodríguez, I. Tomkos and J.P. Martínez-Pastor
P037 1×3 plasmonic power splitter for various splitting ratio
Yuhsin Chang, Chyong-Hua Chen
P038 Arbitrary coupling ratio multimode interference couplers in Silicon-on-Insulator
B. Gargallo, P. Muñoz, J.D. Doménech, J.S. Fandino
P039 The fundamentals of multi-splitting filtering technology
A. Tsarev
P040 Coherent Tunnelling Adiabatic Passage in Fiber Geometry
K. Thyagarajan, Ruchi Gupta

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