2016 Proceedings

The European Conference on Integrated Optics 2016 (ECIO) took place at Warsaw University of Technology in Warsaw on 18-20 May 2016.

European Conference on Integrated Optics 2016

WEDNESDAY, 18.05.2016

Plenary Session #1
ECIO – I-01 INVITED TALK Meint Smit Prospects for InP-based integrated photonics
ECIO – I-02 INVITED TALK Juerg Leuthold Plasmonics – a technology for microscale high-speed integrated optics
ECIO – I-03 INVITED TALK Maciej Bugajski Monolithically integrated coupled-cavity quantum cascade lasers
Session #1 | Laser & Light Sources
ECIO – I-04 INVITED TALK Alwyn Seeds Direct integration of quantum dot lasers on silicon
ECIO – I-05 INVITED TALK Erwin Bente Mode locked laser systems on InP integration technology platforms
ECIO – o-01 Maria Deseada Gutierrez Monolithically Integrated Lasers for Comb Generation in Bandwidth Variable Transponders
ECIO – o-02 Vinicio Corral Integrated Long Cavity Mode Locked Ring Laser
ECIO – o-03 Bruno Romeira High-Speed Direct Modulation of Waveguide-Coupled Metal-Cavity Nano-Light-Emitting Diodes
ECIO – o-04 Mao Okada Multi-Wavelength Lasing with SOA and AWG for Linear-Cavity Fiber Sensor
Session #2 | Passive Components / Devices
ECIO – I-06 INVITED TALK Martijn Heck Optical isolators for photonic integrated circuits
ECIO – I-07 INVITED TALK Hon Ki Tsang Engineering the optical characteristics of waveguide grating couplers
ECIO – o-05 De-Long Zhang Electro-optic Long Period Ti:LiNbO3 Waveguide Gratings in Parallel for Broadband Filtering
ECIO – o-06 Weiwei Zhang Critical coupling enhanced refractive index sensing in SOI slot microring resonators
ECIO – o-07 Carlos Alonso-Ramos Integrated polarization controller with 40 dB polarization extinction ratio range in the C-Band
ECIO – o-08 Daniel Pastor Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry applied to Photonic Integrated Circuits
Session #3 | Laser & Light Sources
ECIO – I-08 INVITED TALK Zhenguo Lu Coherence Comb Laser Sources: Quantum Dots, Packaging and Active Control
ECIO – o-09 Sylwester Latkowski Indium phosphide monolithic photonic integrated circuits for gas sensing applications
ECIO – o-10 Vadim Pogoretskiy Development of active-passive regrowth for butt-coupled lasers in membrane photonic integrated circuits
ECIO – o-11 Carlos Gordon On-Chip Multiple Colliding Pulse Mode-Locked Laser for Millimeter and Terahertz Wave Generation
ECIO – o-12 Sarah Uvin Narrow Line Width Injection-locked III-V-on-silicon Mode-locked Laser
Session #4 | Passive Components / Devices
ECIO – I-09 INVITED TALK Gualtiero Nunzi Conti Waveguide coupled high-Q micro-optical resonators
ECIO – o-13 Daniel Benedikovic Highly efficient subwavelength engineered grating couplers for silicon-on-insulator waveguides
ECIO – o-14 Dan Zhao Optical frequency domain reflectometry for characterization of waveguide crossings
ECIO – o-15 Maxim Neradovskiy Highly efficient nonlinear waveguides in LiNbO3 fabricated by a combination of Soft Proton Exchange (SPE) and E-beam writing
ECIO – o-16 Tadashi Kondo Proposal of Optical Thresholder Consisting of Two MZIs with Nonlinear Micro-Ring Resonator
Plenary Session #2
ECIO – I-10 INVITED TALK Tomasz R. Woliński Nanoparticles-based liquid crystals integrated with photonic crystal fibers
ECIO – I-11 INVITED TALK Thomas Krauss Multimodal photonic crystal biosensors
ECIO – o-17 Laurent Vivien GVD control of low loss slot photonic crystal waveguides for hybrid silicon photonics
Poster Session
ECIO – p-01 Cuma Tyszkiewicz Sol-gel derived rib waveguides for evanescent wave spectroscopy
ECIO – p-02 Daniel Pérez Switching and cross-talk characteristics of compact thermal tuners on a Silicon Nitride platform
ECIO – p-03 Rodica Morarescu Nanoimprint Fabrication of Hybrid Polymer Microring Resonators Operating at Very Near Infrared Wavelengths
ECIO – p-04 Marcin Lelit Integrated optical time division reflectometer
ECIO – p-05 Sara Núñez-Sánchez Lossy Metallic Micro/Nano-Structures for Solar Thermal Applications
ECIO – p-06 Aldo Gutierrez-Arroyo Study of optical ridge waveguide based on porous silicon layers at 7.8 μm
ECIO – p-07 Cuma Tyszkiewicz Modelling of intensity planar waveguide transducers supporting surface plasmon polaritons
ECIO – p-08 De-Long Zhang Near-stoichiometric Ti:D:LiNbO3 (D=Mg2+, Sc3+, Ga3+, Zr4+) Optical Waveguides for Integrated Optics
ECIO – p-09 Dzmitry Pustakhod Dual-input scheme for high resolution integrated AWG-based fiber Bragg grating interrogator
ECIO – p-10 Marcin Koba Threshold Analysis of 2-D Gain and Index Coupled Photonic Crystal Lasers
ECIO – p-11 Hongsik Jung Integrated Photonic Lithium-Niobate Electric-Field Sensor utilizing a Y-fed Balanced-Bridge(YBB) Mach-Zehnder Interferometric Modulator
ECIO – p-12 Konrad Markowski Pareto optimization of group delay response of apodized tapered fibre gratings
ECIO – p-13 Magdalena Ekwińska A novel approach for comb-drive driving systems used in MOEMS
ECIO – p-14 Marta Sołtys White luminescence in borate and phosphate glasses containing lead
ECIO – p-15 Niall P. Kelly Monolithic Integration of Facetless Slotted Fabry-Perot Lasers and Star Coupler
ECIO – p-16 Robert Mroczyński Technology of infrared photodectors based on graphene layers
ECIO – p-17 Piotr Garbat Liquid crystal materials with high birefringence and low-loss for THz applications
ECIO – p-18 Victor Dolores Calzadilla Polarization Rotator with High Performance for Integrated Photonic Membranes
ECIO – p-19 Weiming Yao Equivalent Circuit Modelling of Integrated Traveling-Wave Optical Modulator in InP Foundry Platform
ECIO – p-20 Alonso Jesus Millan-Mejia Fabrication technology of a slot waveguide modulator in InP Membranes on Silicon (IMOS)
ECIO – p-21 André Richter Layout-Aware Schematic-Driven Design Methodology for Photonic Integrated Circuits
ECIO – p-22 Andrea Melloni Wavelength locking platform for 4 × 10 Gbit/s L-band Si-photonic multiplexer and carver
ECIO – p-23 Andrea Zanzi Design of a High Speed Silicon Modulator Based on a Vertical pn Junction at 1.31 μm Wavelength
ECIO – p-24 Anton Vasiliev 3.8 μm Heterogeneously Integrated III-V on Silicon Micro-Spectrometer
ECIO – p-25 Michał Kwaśny Integrated electro-optical and all-optical waveguide devices with nematic liquid crystals
ECIO – p-26 Krishna Thyagarajan Generation of Path- Entangled Photon Pairs in a Periodically Poled Planar Waveguide
ECIO – p-27 Dominik Dorosz Antimony-gemanate active glass-ceramic optical fiber
ECIO – p-28 Fabien Dubois Mutually Coupled Semionductor Lasers in Photonic Integrated Circuits
ECIO – p-29 Francesco Ivaldi Novel MOEMS read-out system for multi-cantilever sensor arrays
ECIO – p-30 Hakimeh Mohammadhosseini Silicon Photonics for millimeter-Wave Generation: an Energy-Efficiency Analysis
ECIO – p-31 Hendrik Block Fabrication of a tunable thin-film-based optical array by structuring an elastomer layer
ECIO – p-32 Jorn van Engelen A Novel Optically Wide-Band Electro-Absorption Modulator based on Bandfilling in n-InGaAs
ECIO – p-33 Jozef Chovan Characterization of Integrated Photonics Sensors Interrogator
ECIO – p-34 Justin Alexander Resonance Enhancement of a Monolithically Integrated Common Cavity Device
ECIO – p-35 Kazimierz Gut Broad-Band Difference Interferometer
ECIO – p-36 Marco Passoni Simultaneous optimization of coupling efficiency and bandwidth of waveguide grating couplers
ECIO – p-37 Maria Deseada Gutierrez Monolithically Integrated 1 × 4 Comb De-multiplexer Based on Injection Locking
ECIO – p-38 Aleksandra Golba Development of a WDM-PON system based on photonic integrated circuits
ECIO – p-39 Marija Trajkovic 20 Gbps operation of the electro-absorption modulator in the COBRA generic integration platform
ECIO – p-40 Michael Haverdings Extreme Fibre Optic Sensing by Utilizing Photonic Integrated Circuits in Dedicated Packages
ECIO – p-41 Michal Karpinski Generation and Manipulation of Spatially Entangled Photon Pairs in Nonlinear Waveguides
ECIO – p-42 Shane Duggan Taper Design for Vertical Coupling between Isolated Active and Passive Waveguides
ECIO – p-43 Pau Castera Optimization of a BaTiO3 on Silicon Waveguide Structure for Electro-Optic Modulation
ECIO – p-44 Katrin Rylander Design of integrated, tuneable filters for telecom application
ECIO – p-45 Yuqing Jiao Reflection-based 90° sharp turn for InP membrane waveguide circuits
ECIO – p-46 Andrzej Kaźmierczak Development of photonic sensing system for patient condition monitoring during MRI diagnostics


THURSDAY, 19.05.2016

Plenary Session #3
ECIO – I-12 INVITED TALK Michael Wale InP-based photonic integration: achievements and opportunities
ECIO – I-13 INVITED TALK Maurizio Ferrardi Glass and glass-ceramic photonic systems
ECIO – I-14 INVITED TALK Tetsuya Mizumoto Optical Isolators and Circulators for Silicon Photonics
Session #5 | Technology / Platforms
ECIO – I-15 INVITED TALK Peter Smith A new hybrid fibre / planar platform for optics, offering ultralow loss and robust integration
ECIO – I-16 INVITED TALK Sylvie Menezo Matching the best of Silicon and InP for Integrated and compact E/O Transceivers
ECIO – o-18 Anne Talneau High-Optical-Quality Oxide-Free InP-on-Si Hybrid Interface
ECIO – o-19 Paul Muellner CMOS-compatible low-loss silicon nitride waveguide integration platform for interferometric sensing
ECIO – o-20 Timo Aalto Euler bends and TIR mirrors for ultra-dense PIC integration on SOI
ECIO – o-21 Valeria Rustichelli Buried heterostructures for deep UV lithography
Session #6 | Active Devices
ECIO – I-17 INVITED TALK Lukas Chrostowski Electronic Control and Stabilization of Silicon Photonic Microring Resonator Circuits
ECIO – o-22 Jochem Verbist A 40 GBaud Integrated Silicon Coherent Receiver
ECIO – o-23 Tobias Beckerwerth Waveguide Integrated Avalanche Photodiodes for InP PICs for Data-Center Applications
ECIO – o-24 Andrea Annoni 4-Channel All-Optical Mode Demultiplexing on a Silicon Photonic Chip
ECIO – o-25 Antonio Ribeiro A Thermally Tunable but Athermal Silicon MZI Filter
ECIO – o-26 Robert Sheehan InGaAsN-GaAsN Electro-Absorption Modulator: Material and Process Development
ECIO – o-27 Georgios Sinatkas Transparent Conducting Oxide Electro-Optic Modulators: a Comprehensive Study based on the Drift-Diffusion Semiconductor Model
ECIO – o-28 Paweł Knapkiewicz MEMS atomic standards
Session #7 | Technology / Platforms
ECIO – I-18 INVITED TALK Laurent Vivien Recent advances in strained silicon photonics
ECIO – I-19 INVITED TALK Martin Schell Optical Integration: Technological and Economical Aspect
ECIO – o-29 Aldo Gutierrez-Arroyo Integrated Platform in Chalcogenide Glasses for Optical Sensing in the Mid-InfraRed
ECIO – o-30 Maksym Gromovyi Nonlinear interactions in extremely low loss GaN planar waveguides
ECIO – o-31 Longfei Shen Double-sided processing for membrane-based photonic integration
ECIO – o-32 Aura Higuera Rodriguez Fabrication technology of photonic crystal nanobeams on III-V membranes
Session #8 | Active Devices
ECIO – I-20 INVITED TALK Chigo Okonkwo Hardware Integration options for Space Division Multiplexing
ECIO – I-21 INVITED TALK Lech Wosinski Silicon- and plasmonics-based nanophotonics for computer interconnects and sensing
ECIO – o-33 Dawid Piątkowski Optical properties of plasmonic networks
ECIO – o-34 James Titchener Quantum State Tomography in Static Optical Circuits
ECIO – o-35 Ripalta Stabile Fast and Energy Efficient Micro-Ring-Resonator-Based 4 × 4
InP Switch Matrix
ECIO – o-36 Simone Cardarelli Beam Steering Device with Sub Micrometre Precision
Plenary Session #4
ECIO – I-22 INVITED TALK Roberto Morandotti Quantum state generation via integrated frequency combs
ECIO – I-23 INVITED TALK Mark Thompson Silicon Quantum Photonics
ECIO – I-24 INVITED TALK Małgorzata Kujawińska Microoptics based, integrated, full-field measurement systems


FRIDAY, 20.05.2016

ECIO + OWTNM Plenary Joint Session
ECIO – I-25 INVITED TALK Andrea Melloni Tunable integrated photonics toolbox: from realistic models to control algorithms
ECIO – I-26 INVITED TALK Philippe Lalanne Light interaction with resonance
OWTNM – I-01 INVITED TALK Wim Bogaerts Challenges for Designing Large-scale Integrated Photonics
Session #9 | Paradigm
Not Available INVITED TALK Xaveer Leijtens Generic photonic integration on InP
ECIO – o-37 Moritz Baier A New Approach to Designing Polarization Rotating Waveguides
ECIO – o-38 Sylwester Latkowski COBRA long wavelength active-passive monolithic photonic integration technology platform
ECIO – o-39 Minsheng Ding Low-Energy, Dilated 4 × 4 Hybrid MZI-SOA Cross-point Optical Switch
ECIO – o-40 Dominic Gallagher Design environment for active photonic integrated circuits improves the DML
ECIO – o-41 Victor Dolores Calzadilla InP-based photonic integrated platform: status and prospects
ECIO – o-42 Shuxuan Zhu Unidirectional Operation of a Monolithically Integrated Mode locked Semiconductor Ring Laser
Session #10 | Simulations / Modelling
ECIO – o-43 Mariangela Gioannini Analysis of Quantum Dot Single Section FP Lasers for Comb spectra generation
ECIO – o-44 Daan Lenstra Rate-Equation Analysis for an Integrated Coupled- Cavity Laser with MMI Anti-Phase Coupler
ECIO – o-45 Giannis Poulopoulos Angled 3D Glass-to-SiPh adiabatic coupler
ECIO – o-46 Wim Bogaerts Optimization of Silicon Photonic Components using Multi-Fidelity Simulations and Co-Kriging
ECIO – o-47 Perry van Schaijk Feedback-Insensitive Integrated Laser
Session #11 | Company Session
ECIO – o-48 Moritz Seyfried FICONTEC, Laser soldering for highest-accuracy passive bonding applications
ECIO – o-49 Maciej Fimiarz VIGO SYSTEM, Integratated IR detection modules
ECIO – o-50 Martin Kirchner RAITH GmbH Dortmund, High Fidelity Electron Beam Lithography for Photonic Devices
ECIO – o-51 Dominic Gallagher PHOTON DESIGN, Design of Active Photonic Circuits
ECIO – o-52 André Richter VPI PHOTONICS, Simulation Software & Services for Photonic Design & Analysis
ECIO – o-53 Romuald B. Beck CEZAMAT – unique high-tech institution in R&D landscape in Poland
ECIO – o-54 Marcin Tomkiewicz FCA, PICs in Terabit Networks

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