Open Access PIC Technology – Session chaired by Aura Higuera (JePPIX) & Roel Baets (ePIXfab)

Open Access PIC Technology – Session chaired by Aura Higuera Rodriguez (JePPIX) & Roel Baets (ePIXfab) at European Conference for Integrated Optics 2017.

Tuesday April 4, 18:00 – 19:15

Location: Senaatszaal

This session will provide an overview of current capabilities, future trends and access mechanisms to prototype and manufacture photonic integrated devices using the open-access technology model.


  • Prof. Roel Baets (Ghent University – imec and ePIXfab)

In this talk, the current capabilities and future trends in the prototyping and manufacturing platforms for Silicon Photonics (including silicon nitride PICs), as well as the complementary multiproject wafer services and prototype packaging will be presented, with a European emphasis.

  • Dr. Paul van Dijk (LioniX)

In this talk we will discuss the general Silicon Nitride based TriPleX technology, it’s unique selling points and complementarity to other technologies. We will show a number of use cases in different wavelength regions from visible to infrared.

  • Prof. Kevin Williams (TU/e – JePPIX)

A review of the capabilities of open access InP technology will be presented, highlighting the most recently introduced building blocks such as distributed feedback lasers, electro-absorption modulators, and the new opportunities foreseen with deep UV lithography.

  • Dr. Dominic Gallagher (Photon Design)

The use of process design kits with powerful photonic CAD tools enables increasingly accurate representations of photonic integrated circuits. The design tools to enable circuit design, simulation and realisation on open access integration platforms will be showcased.

  • Prof. Jeremy Witzens (RWTH Aachen University)

In this talk, several use cases will be presented on PIC-oriented research that builds upon open platforms. The key strengths but also the outstanding challenges of using such platforms will be discussed.

  • Dr. Ronald Broeke (BRIGHT Photonics)

Open source PIC design with Nazca will be presented. A number of realised circuits and product examples will be shown, considering use case on the InP, SiN and SiPh integration platforms.

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