Prof. Iñigo Molina-Fernandez, Malaga University, is member of the Steering Committee of ECIO 2017

Prof. Iñigo Molina-Fernandez, Photonics&RF Research Lab., Malaga University, is member of the Steering Committee of ECIO 2017.

About Iñigo Molina-Fernandez
Iñigo Molina-Fernández received the Ingeniero de Telecomunicación degree from the Madrid Politechnic University (Spain) in 1989 and the Ph.D. degree from the Málaga University (Spain), in 1993.  Since 1989, he has been with the Communications Engineering Department at Málaga University, as an Associate and then Full Professor, where he is the leader of the Photonics & RF Research Lab. He is co-author of more than 100 international publications in microwave and photonic topics. He has been participating in more than 25 research and development national and international projects.

About Photonics&RF Research Lab., Malaga University
The Photonics & RF Research Lab interests are in the area of optical and microwave communications and sensing, especially on the design of optical integrated devices and prototyping of microwave/millimeter wave systems.  The laboratory is part of the Communications Engineering Group, Malaga University, a leading research institution in telecommunications of southern Spain and participates in the the Andalusian Centre for Nanomedicine and Biotechnology, BIONAND

2 Replies to “Prof. Iñigo Molina-Fernandez, Malaga University, is member of the Steering Committee of ECIO 2017”

  1. Respected Sir

    Good Evening

    Myself Sandeep Kumar Chamoli, pursuing my M.Tech(2015-2017) in Solid State Electronics Materials from I.I.T. Roorkee, India. I did M.SC.(2012-2014) in physics with specialization in electronics and laser physics and I did my M.SC. project in ‘experimental study of KTP crystal (nonlinear optical crystal)’. The subjects i studied includes QUANTUM MECHANICS (BASIC AND ADVANCE),LASER PHYSICS(BASICANDADVANCE),CLASSICALMECHANICS, ELECTRODYNAMICS,ELECTRONICS, ASTROPHYSICS, PARTICAL PHYSICS, NUCLEAR PHYSICS, MOLECULAR PHYSICS, MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS etc.

    Currently, I am doing my dissertation work on Liquid Crystal based waveguides and LPG (long period grating) sensors and I am doing this dissertation work under the guidance of Dr. Vipul Rastogi.(


    I wrote a paper on LPG sensor after getting very good and convincing results of proposed waveguide structure. I will send an abstract of paper once I will communicate the paper very soon. And in the summer vacation, I am going to fabricate the proposed structure in the photonics research lab of defense research and development organization.

    I came to know about your recognized work with help of my friend who is pursuing his Ph.D. from Physics Deptt. IIT Delhi and my professors here in the department.
    Sir, I wish to convey my will to pursue my Ph.D. under your supervision.

    I have also prepared a research proposal on ”optical fiber design for high power laser” which we can do in future. If you allow I can share with you.

    Please tell me how to join your group? is there any language test (TOFEL/ILETS) required? And the language of instruction in the institute is English.

    Sandeep Kumar Chamoli
    (Ph.D. applicant)
    M.Tech.(Solid State Electronic Materials)
    Department of Physics, Photonics lab
    Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee, India

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