Who exhibits?

The following companies exhibited at the 19th edition of ECIO, held on Apr 03-05, 2017, at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands:

Gold Partner

who exhibits smart photonics SMART Photonics, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, is a pure play foundry offering production services for both discrete- as well as integrated- photonic components on Indium Phosphide (InP).

They use their knowledge, experience and the dedicated equipment only to produce photonic components based on the designs of their customers. They offer the complete production process from Epitaxial growth, through processing and re-growth into diced and coated bars. Next to the production support in either the proof of concept phase or the full production phase they also offer single-, or combined-, process steps to complete, or back-up, the production processes of their customers.

For more information on the new generic integration technology or our services, please visit us at our stand at the Photonics Integration Conference or at our website: www.smartphotonics.nl You can also contact us at SMART Photonics by tel: +31 6 40 247 54 53 or by mail info@smartphotonics.nl.

Bronze Partner

Phoenix Software Pioneering photonics design automation already since 1991, today PhoeniX Software has a global presence and is a trusted and well recognized partner for a large number of organizations. PhoeniX Software enables the easy and cost-effective realization of integrated photonics chips and systems, by means of internally developed superior products and services. Customers range from large OEM’s to start-ups and include some of the world’s top universities and research institutes. As the leader in Photonic IC design solutions, PhoeniX Software will continue to support the transition of PIC technology from the lab into the fab, by anticipating market demand and customer needs. In combination with strategic partners, this results in offering world class design flows and access to all relevant fabrication technologies for our customers. For further information, please visit us at http://www.phoenixbv.com.
SENTECH Instruments develops, manufactures, and sells worldwide advanced quality instrumentation for Plasma Etching, PECVD, Atomic Layer Deposition, Thin Film Measurement (Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Spectroscopic Reflectometry and Laser Ellipsometer) and Photovoltaics.
VPIphotonics™ sets the industry standard for end-to-end photonic design automation comprising design, analysis and optimization of components, systems and networks.

We provide professional simulation software supporting requirements of active/passive integrated photonics and fiber optics applications, optical transmission system and network applications, as well as cost-optimized equipment configuration.

NKT Photonics NKT Photonics is the leading supplier of high performance fiber lasers and photonic crystal fibers. Our main markets are within imaging, NanoPhotonics, sensing and material processing. Our products include pulsed lasers including broadband white light and mid-infrared supercontinuum sources for optical and component characterization, ultra-low noise single frequency fiber lasers for sensing and spectroscopy and a wide range of specialty fibers.  NKT Photonics has its headquarters in Denmark with sales and service worldwide and is wholly owned by NKT Holding A/S.

We have lasers in space and deep under the oceans and our products run in environments ranging from optical communications laboratories to oil rigs at sea. We seed the World’s largest laser fusion experiment and power hundreds of the most advanced microscopes on the Globe. We aim to make a difference in the World and we are involved in projects that will transform the way we live through life-science, renewable energy and the basic understanding of the Universe. With over fifteen years of expertise, IP and experience, NKT Photonics strives to continually be the market leader in everything we do.

Light Tec Light Tec offers optical design tools and optical engineering services.

Light Tec’s team is made of 15 employees at 2 locations, one in Hyères (France) and one in Munich (Germany).

The tools proposed include:

  • Optical design software tools (Code V, LightTools, LucidShape, RSOFT) +  technical support and training.
  • Scattering measurement tools including the development and sales of industrial products (“Mini-Diff” and “Reflet”).

With a high-skilled team of optical engineers, the company also offers consulting and measurement services.

For additional information, please visit Light Tec website: www.lighttec.fr

Photon Design was started in 1992 and supplies a wide range of innovative photonics CAD tools to most of the World’s leading photonics companies, universities and government research labs, with customers in 35 countries around the world. Our CAD products include tools for both passive and active (semiconductor) optical components and optical circuit modelling.
JePPIX JePPIX has successfully brought the European InP photonic integrated circuit (PIC) community together as a coherent force to advance and promote technology. JePPIX provides

  • Open access technology. The Process Design Kit (PDK) at the heart of the multiproject wafers technology provides seamless cooperation between designers, software developers, fabs, and prototype builders and one-stop-shop brokering.
  • Technology acceleration, enabling major advances in technology building blocks, leveraging know-how from multiple academic and industrial partners, across a number of joint R&D projects. JePPIX R&D focusses on InP and SiNx integration platforms and also hybrid combinations.
  • Training events and technology forums enable designers to skill-up and connect with innovators and experts in the photonic integration eco-system. JePPIX connects at expos, workshops and offers training courses around the globe.
  • Eco-system development is at the heart of what we do. The JePPIX Roadmap maps out the future evolution of technology, markets and the eco-system. Be a part of the next JePPIX Roadmap by completing the new technology PIC designer survey.
Raith Raith is a leading precision technology solution provider for nanofabrication, electron beam lithography, focused ion beam fabrication, nanoengineering and reverse engineering applications.

Customers include universities and other organizations involved in various fields of nanotechnology research and materials science – as well as industrial and medium sized enterprises that use nanotechnology for specific product applications or produce compound semiconductors.

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, Raith employs more than 200 people. The company works as closely as possible with customers in the most important global markets, through subsidiaries in the Netherlands, the USA, and Asia and through an extensive partner and service network.

Service and Support

Providing excellent technical service and support for global customers is an integral part of Raith`s business model, as this is seen as being vital for success on both sides.

Exhibition Partner

OpTek Systems OpTek Systems is a global supplier of precision laser micromachining equipment and sub-contract processing services. Alongside precision engineering processes like micro drilling, cutting, scribing and milling, OpTek pioneered LaserCleave™ for precision laser processing of optical fibres (stripping, cleaving, lensing and fusing), for production termination of advanced fibre optic interfaces and interconnects like optical HDMI and USB4.
VLC Photonics is a company providing all kind of services for the development of photonic integrated circuits (PICs), offering several solutions in this area: techno-economical studies and engineering consultancy, in-house PIC design, characterization and test, and full PIC prototyping through external manufacturing and packaging/assembly partners. VLC Photonics, as a pure-play fabless design house, works with multiple foundries, choosing always the most suited substrate material (Silicon-on-insulator, Silica/PLC, SiN/TripleX, InP/GaAs) for the application at hand. VLC Photonics also works closely with foundries building their Process Design Kits (PDKs), allowing external users to easily access their manufacturing capabilities.
AMO AMOs role as a research oriented company is to close the gap between basic research and industrial application. With the focus on nanotechnology potential identification for diverse application in information technology, biotechnology, photonics and sensorics, AMOs special strengths are in the area of lithography, pattern transfer (e-beam lithography/uv-nanoimprint/RIE etching) and a highly sophisticated research team with experience in process technology and application. Besides R&D infrastructure AMO offers services in consulting, prototyping and fabrication of nanostructures.AMO GmbH
who exhibits epic EPIC is the industry association in the field of photonics and publishes market and technology reports, organizes technical workshops and B2B roundtables, international delegations, engages in advocacy and lobbying, European funded projects, finance and investment, education and training activities, standards and roadmaps.

Interested in exhibiting? Contact us via this form or contact sales [you know] jakajima.eu, or call + 31 40 29 52 135

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