Getting to TU/e Science Park

TU/e Science Park is located in the center of Eindhoven, at some eight minutes walking distance from Eindhoven railway station. This makes it easy to come by public transport.

Parking on the campus is possible (7,50 € per 24 hrs, after 48 hrs 16 €/24 hrs). Parking places are scarce.

On this page you find all the information you need to prepare your visit and trip. TU/e Science Park is accessible via three entrances: John F. Kennedylaan, Insulindelaan, Prof. Dr. Dorgelolaan.

Travel Direction TU/E Central station Eindhoven

Arrival by Plane

Eindhoven Airport is located some five km outside the city of Eindhoven. From the airport there are various public transport options available to reach TU/e Science Park conveniently. Next to the terminal is the bus stop from which bus 400 or 401 will take you to Eindhoven Central Station within some 20 minutes. From Eindhoven station / bus stop Neckerspoel, Eindhoven to TU/e Science Park is at some eight minutes walking distance.

From Eindhoven station you can go on foot or with bus line 104 to TU/e Science Park.

Arrival by Public Transport

When arriving at Eindhoven railway (NS) station you leave the platform, turn right at the bottom of the stairs and walk to the exit on the north side of the bus station. Continue 25 meters diagonally to the right and you see TU/e Science Park at some eight minutes walking distance. Cross the road at the traffic lights and follow the waving footpath to TU/e Science Park. The track on the right side, Prof. Dr. Dorgelolaan, is suited for wheelchair users.

At certain times bus line 104 also takes you to TU/e Science Park.

When arriving on TU/e Science Park you follow the signposting for pedestrians.

Bus line station Eindhoven – TU/e Science Park

Hermes bus line TU/e Science Park (104) connects the railway station / Neckerspoel bus station Eindhoven to TU/e Science Park. The bus line will run in the morning and the afternoon, every fifteen minutes.

4 bus stops on TU/e Science Park:

1. Laplaceplein (near Laplace building)
2. De Lismortel (near Pabo building)
3. De Rondom-Oost (near Differ building)
4. De Rondom-Zuid (near Flux building)

Find more info about the timetable and the route of the bus.

How to get to Strijp-S with the train

Arrival by Car

TU/e is working on a modern, green campus: TU/e Science Park. This also means that we stimulate sustainable transport. TU/e Science Park is located in the center of Eindhoven, at some eight minutes walking distance from Eindhoven railway station. This makes it easy to reach by public transport.

If you do come by car, ANWB signposts on all motorways to and around Eindhoven (A2, A50, A58, A67 and A270) will indicate the direction Centrum, until Universiteit / TU/e Science Park is indicated. Inspect the route descriptions.

Auto rent on the TU/e Campus
TU/e employees and students can use rental cars of two car rental business organisations:

  • Europcar for the ‘traditional’ car rent per day
  • Studentcar for car rent per day, part of a day, or for one or a few hours

Other residents on the TU/e Campus also can use Studentcar. Check out the website of Studentcar how you can sign up and how you can book a car.

Addresses TU/e Science Park
Upon your arrival on the TU/e Science Park you switch off your navigation system at the barriers. The signposting system will take over the guidance.

On TU/e Science Park we use internal addresses. Before arriving by car, it is important that you should know where and in which building you need to be.

So check the list of internal adresses, sort by name building or by number building.

Inspect the map with the parking lots.

You can enter the address: De Zaale, Eindhoven in your navigation system.