Multilevel reconfigurable nanophotonics with low-loss phase-change materials

Phase change materials (PCMs) are currently revolutionizing nanophotonics by providing ways to tune and reconfigure optical functionalities without any moving parts. Building on this phenomenon, the last decade has witnessed many exciting reports of novel devices exploiting PCMs such as for example beam-steering, tunable light emission, reflection and absorption, programmable metasurfaces and reconfigurable neural networks.

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Quantum Key Distribution with Integrated Photonics

Quantum computing’s rapid advancement threatens current cryptography, which relies on complex problems solvable by quantum computers. This necessitates the development of “quantum-safe” technologies for future network protection. Today’s data is also at risk from “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks, where encrypted messages are stored for decryption once quantum processors are available. This is especially concerning for long-term valuable information like financial records and medical data.

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