Plasmonics for Integrated Optics

Plasmonics offers a novel approach to overcome the speed limitations of photonics. More importantly plasmonics is a high-speed solution providing lowest power operation on the smallest footprint with a path for CMOS compatible fabrication. In this plenary talk, after an introduction we will discuss latest results on novel modulators, detectors or THz sensors. We will then discuss challenges ahead as well as opportunities of this new field.

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MEMS-based integrated photonic elements for ultra-low-power programmability

Programmability and reconfigurability provide exciting opportunities for integrated optics. In particular, the use of microelectromechanical tunable elements in silicon-based integrated photonics offers interesting options for scalable programmable photonics. In this invited talk, we will discuss our recent progress in developing compact, low-power, reconfigurable MEMS-based building blocks, namely tunable directional couplers and phase shifters, for a number of applications in photonic signal processing, computing, and communication.

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