Does the world need general-purpose programmable photonics?

A presentation by invited speaker Wim Bogaerts, Professor in Silicon Photonics, Ghent University-IMEC / Founder, Luceda Photonics. HE graduated in engineering (applied physics) at Ghent University in June 1998. He joined the Photonics Research Group of Ghent University-IMEC for a PhD, building the design and technology foundations for IMEC’s first silicon photonics technology platform on 200mm CMOS tools. This led to collaborations with tens of partners, growing into a silicon photonics multi-project-wafer service in IMEC, eventually known as ePIXfab. To enable the design of these photonic chips, the PI and his group developed the software package IPKISS, a parametric design framework for photonic circuits.

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2019 Proceedings of ECIO available for download

The 2019 conference took place in Ghent, Belgium and was a great academic success with speakers from all over the world.

The following sessions have been held:

Wednesday, 24 April
  • Keynotes W.K1
  • Integrated nonlinear photonics
  • Passive integrated photonic structures and new platforms
  • Programmable and reconfigurable integrated photonics
  • On-chip plasmonics Integrated nonlinear photonics II
  • Passive integrated photonic structures and design methodologies
  • Poster session W.Po1
Thursday, 25 April
  • Plenary T.P1
  • Photonic sensors and thermal effects
  • Spectroscopy
  • Poster session T.Po2
  • Integrated light sources
  • Microwave photonics and high-speed photodetectors
  • Plenary T.P2
Friday, 26 April
  • Integrated light sources II
  • High-speed photonics
  • InP Devices
  • Heterogeneous Integration
  • Plenary F.P1

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