Photonic ICs for ultrahigh speed and coherent systems – Presented by Andreas Umbach, Finisar

Photonic ICs for ultrahigh speed and coherent systems – Presented by Andreas Umbach, Finisar at the 19th edition European Conference on Integrated Optics, which takes place on 3 – 5 April 2017 at Eindhoven University of Technology, Blauwe Zaal in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Photonic Integrated Circuits both in the InP and SiP material systems are becoming more and more popular as they provide solutions to the challenges of more and more miniaturization, optical and rf interconnects and the increasing cost pressure for optical components. Optical coherent transmission systems and photonic microwave photonics are application areas for highly complex and high speed PICs. Receiver PICs and transmitter PICs will be presented and discussed.

About Andreas Umbach
Andreas Umbach is the Vice President and CTO of Finisar Germany in Berlin. He studied physics at Technische Hochschule Darmstadt and at Technische Universität Berlin, where he received his Dipl. Phys. degree. In 1989 he joined the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut in Berlin (HHI). His work in the department of microfabrication technology concentrated on design and technology of HEMTs and high-speed integrated photodetectors based on Indium Phosphide. In 1998 he co-founded u2t Photonics and as CEO lead it to grow to ~140 employees and to become the worldwide leader of 40 and 100Gbit/s optical receivers until it was acquired by Finisar in 2014.

About Finisar
Finisar is the global technology leader and the world’s largest supplier of optical components and subsystems with more than 16% share of the worldwide market. Our products enable high-speed voice, video and data communications for networking, storage wireless and cable TV applications. In Berlin, we focus on the development of coherent optical communications.

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