Quantum Key Distribution with Integrated Photonics

Quantum computing’s rapid advancement threatens current cryptography, which relies on complex problems solvable by quantum computers. This necessitates the development of “quantum-safe” technologies for future network protection. Today’s data is also at risk from “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks, where encrypted messages are stored for decryption once quantum processors are available. This is especially concerning for long-term valuable information like financial records and medical data.

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Integrated and nonlinear photonics in thin film lithium niobate

An invited speaker presentation by Professor Katia Gallo, head of the Nonlinear and Quantum Photonics group at KTH – Royal Institute of Technology. Her activity spans theory, technology and experiments in nonlinear photonic crystals and integrated devices. She also leads the Quantum Communication program of the Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology and the National Quantum Communication Infrastructure in Sweden.

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Next-generation coherent pluggables enabled through vertical integration

An invited speaker presentation by Daniel Semrau, optical engineer at Infinera. In his role at Infinera in the optical systems group, Semrau is engaged in the full product development cycle from early-stage architecture, product definition and requirements of Infinera’s next generation coherent modems through hardware integration and manufacturing ramp.

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Cutting-edge Integrated Photonics in Space

Integrated photonics has emerged as a transformative technology with significant potential for Space-based applications. This invited talk delves into the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities surrounding the use of integrated photonics in the realm of space exploration and communication. Focusing on the unique demands of space environments, the talk addresses key technological innovations that enable robustness, miniaturization, and enhanced performance of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) in space applications.

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3D integration enabling ultra-low noise isolator-free lasers in silicon photonics

Laser integration in silicon photonics has been tackled by heterogeneous integration with compound III-V materials. The availability of ultra-low-loss silicon nitride waveguides offer the possibilities in enabling ultra low noise lasers, through self-injection locking of lasers with ultra-high-Q microresonators.

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Single solid-state quantum emitter photonics for on-chip quantum information

Single solid-state quantum emitters have demonstrated considerable potential for the implementation of important quantum photonic devices such as on-demand single-photon sources or deterministic quantum logic gates. Converting a bare quantum emitter into a device with sufficient performance for use in quantum photonic systems requires an efficient, high cooperativity interface to accessing optical fields.

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Integrated photonic quantum technologies

Remarkable progress has been made in the development of hardware for quantum technologies. As a platform for quantum technologies, integrated photonics has enabled significant leaps for integrating many components, including programmable circuitry, photon sources and detectors. However, machines such as fault tolerant quantum computers appear to be a long way off for all platforms, including photonics.

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