The Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap – International (IPSR-I) 2020 is available now

The roadmap is a joint initiative of the AIM Academy and PhotonDelta, with the objective to establish and sustain a trust based global network of industrial and R&D partners, who are working together on defining and creating future PIC technology and systems requirements.

The objective of the IPSR-I is to establish and sustain a trust based global network of Industrial and R&D partners, who are working together on defi ning and creating future Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology and systems requirements.
They jointly enable faster technology and application developments in this emerging business, guided by an up-to-date technology and application roadmap for future developments.

This executive summary provides an overview of the most important developments as described in the full roadmap.
The roadmap shows the functional performance requirements of the applications (shown below in blue) and the technologies with which these can be created (orange). The modules and systems are the interface between the application manufacturers and Integrated Circuit industry; it at this interface the functional performance parameters are converted to component requirements and vice versa.

The IPSR-I displays the consensus of more than 250 experts from all over the world, representing an equal mix of large multinationals, small & medium enterprises, institutes and universities.
It gives an overview of the current status of technologies and of applications in which integrated photonic components are used. Above all it describes the trends, expectations and needs for technology and application development in the near (0-5 years), intermediate (5-10 years) and far (10-20 years) future.

The roadmap document is a merger between previously separately produced roadmaps: the IPSR by AIM Photonics from the USA and the WTMF by Photon Delta from Europe. Apart from joining both roadmaps, it has obtained a thorough update based on 32 workshops and countless online working group meetings.

However, the IPSR-I is a living document that is continuously updated. The chapters need enrichment with technological and application developments in their respective fields. A continuous call is open for contributions by experts in the various technological and applicational fi elds to update the IPSR-I. The feedback form for submissions can be found in the Appendix.

Download the summary of the document here.

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