Next-generation coherent pluggables enabled through vertical integration

An invited speaker presentation by Daniel Semrau, optical engineer at Infinera. In his role at Infinera in the optical systems group, Semrau is engaged in the full product development cycle from early-stage architecture, product definition and requirements of Infinera’s next generation coherent modems through hardware integration and manufacturing ramp.

He is responsible for model development, system and component requirements, performance optimisation trade-offs and analysis that directly improves final product yields.

In a short time, Daniel has established himself as a core contributor to the development of Infinera’s vertically integrated coherent optical engines in a multi-disciplinary role bridging the design of the optics and the Digital Signal Processing Application Specific Integrated Circuits.

In addition Semrau is actively engaged in research and publications that build on his academic background in the modelling of nonlinear fibre response in optical transmission systems. He recently co-authored publication at the 2022 European Conference on Optical Communication, entitled Improving Capacity Predictions for Subsea Open Cables Employing Modern Coherent Transceivers. To date he has published thirty-nine papers on coherent optical communications.

About Infinera
Infinera is revolutionizing telecommunications networks with innovative, industry-leading connectivity solutions including high-end subcomponent technology, systems for network infrastructure, automation software, and professional services.

Open Optical Networking
Open optical networking provides network operators with more choice and enables each function to innovate at its own pace due to the disaggregation of transponders and line systems. Coherent optical transceivers leverage both the silicon performance improvement cycle described by Moore’s law and advances in photonic technology, resulting in a much faster innovation cycle relative to the optical line system.

Intelligent Coherent Pluggable Networking Solution
Infinera’s suite of vertically integrated ICE-X intelligent coherent pluggables offers network operators the performance, scale, and efficiency critical to drive down network operating costs and to enhance service agility. ICE-X transceivers support industry-leading performance and a unique level of integrated intelligence and system-level functionality, simplifying deployment in a wide variety of network scenarios without sacrificing performance, visibility, or network resiliency.

Advanced Optical Semiconductor Manufacturing
With its’ world-class team of scientists and engineers, Infinera has a proven track record of delivering game-changing advanced optical solutions. With an in-house optical semiconductor fab (OSF) and revolutionary photonic integrated circuits (PICs), Infinera takes innovative solutions from concept to development to production.
Infinera has a long history of industry firsts, including the first large-scale PIC, the first coherent PIC, the first commercial super-channels, the first Nyquist subcarriers, and the first point-to-multipoint coherent technology. Additional innovation highlights include SD-FEC gain sharing, long-codeword probabilistic constellation shaping (LC-PCS), and dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA).

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Daniel Semrau is invited speaker at the 2024 edition of the European Conference on Integrated Optics.

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