Ian White, University of Cambridge, is member of the Steering Commitee of ECIO 2017

Professor Ian White, University of Cambridge, is member of the Steering Commitee of ECIO 2017.

About Professor Ian White
Ian gained his BA and PhD degrees from the University of Cambridge in 1980 and 1984.  He was then a Research Fellow and Assistant Lecturer at the University of Cambridge before becoming Professor of Physics at the University of Bath in 1990.  He moved in 1996 to the University of Bristol, and returned to Cambridge in October 2001.  Ian has contributed to a variety of research activities in photonics, ranging from short pulse laser diodes, optoelectronic components for signal processing and routing, high speed components for data communications, to techniques for transmitting digital and radio frequency signals over long distances of multimode optical fibre. He has published in excess of 900 journal and conference papers, and  is co-founder of Zinwave Ltd and Pervasid Ltd.

About Centre for Photonic Systems, Electrical Engineering Division, University of Cambridge
CPS was established in 2001 when Ian White left the University of Bristol where he was Head of Electrical Engineering to take the van Eck Professor of Engineering chair at the University of Cambridge. Ian was accompanied by core members of his group including Richard Penty, Adrian Wonfor, Kevin Williams and a number of PhD students. Since 2006, CPS has been based at the Electrical Engineering Division, CAPE Building, on the west-Cambridge site. The aim of CPS is to study components and sub-systems for a range of applications, primarily in communications and sensing. The work of the group is in the three main areas of: data-communications and RF systems, optical networks and ultrafast photonics. The group currently comprises a number of academic staff, research staff and students totalling in the region of 60 members.

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