Yokogawa is exhibitor at the 2024 ECIO edition

Meet the Yokogawa precision makers at ECIO 2024! Yokogawa Test&Measurement is the world’s most trusted measurement partner.

Widely used in communications R&D for their precision and sensitivity, our OSAs (Optical Spectrum Analyzer) are used in many fields, from industrial production and LED lighting to bio photonics, healthcare and quantum computing.

Yokogawa offers a portfolio of 8 OSAs with wavelength range of 350nm up to 5.5um and are valued by optical researchers for their superior performance. At ECIO 2024, Yokogawa will show the AQ6370E with a wavelength of 600-1700nm.

Vision statement
The vision statement outlining where Yokogawa wishes to be 10 years from now has been revised as follows.
Through autonomy and symbiosis, Yokogawa will create sustainable value and lead the way in solving global issues.

Value provision to customers
In today’s world, everything is increasingly interconnected in complex ways. According to the system of systems (SoS) concept, multiple independently operating and managed systems coordinate together to achieve a purpose that lies beyond the capabilities of any single system. In such a world, Yokogawa will promote effective connections and create value through overall optimization driven by integration, autonomy, and digitalization. Yokogawa will achieve this through IA2IA1 and smart manufacturing2 and aspire to lead the way forward as an integrator in a world where entire societies function as an SoS.

Business segments
In line with the changes in the business environment, and to enable growth in business areas where Yokogawa can leverage the technologies, expertise, and advantages that it has cultivated, the company has reorganized from a traditional product- and function-oriented structure to one that is centered on key industrial sectors, and will accelerate its business expansion and transition to a solution business model.

  • Energy & sustainability
  • Materials
  • Life

The measuring instruments business segment and also the new businesses and other business segment, which includes amnimo and aviation, are categorized separately as they need to maintain independent business operations due to the characteristics of their products and sales channels. However, in terms of the value that will be offered 10 years from now, they share the same direction as the other segments.

For more information about Yokogawa, visit the site.

We welcome Yokogawa as exhibitor of the 25th ECIO edition.

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