THz Bandwidth Nonmagnetic Isolators in Silicon

We present novel approaches for nonmagnetic optical isolation that combine efficient acousto-optic scattering processes and dispersion engineering to create nonmagnetic optical isolators with wide (> 1 THz) optical bandwidth. We employ complementary approaches for isolation based on acousto-optic strong coupling and nonreciprocal interference.

Using dispersion engineering to enhance isolation bandwidths, we demonstrate high-contrast (28 dB) and low-loss (~ 2 dB) optical isolation, resulting in isolation bandwidths of 1.7 THz. Additionally, we show the center frequency and direction of isolation can be rapidly electrically reconfigured, opening the door to compelling new capabilities in integrated photonics.

An invited speaker presentation by Peter Rakich, Associate Professor of Applied Physics and of Physics at Yale University.

About the Rakich Group at Yale University
The Rakich group focuses on experimental nonlinear optics and spectroscopy. Research areas include: the study of natural and artificial forms of optical nonlinearity in nanostructured effective media; the dynamics and evolution of nonlinear systems at new time and length scales; optical forces and energetics in nanoscale systems; nonlinear nano-optomechanical interactions.

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Peter Rakich is invited speaker at the 2024 edition of the European Conference on Integrated Optics.

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