Professor Lars Zimmermann is member of the Organising Committee for ECIO 2024

Lars Zimmermann is team leader Silicon Photonics and responsible for silicon photonic R&D within the department of technology at IHP (IHP – Leibniz Institut für innovative Mikroelektronik), Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. His current work is focusing on high-performance photonic-electronic integration for optical communications and for nonlinear optical signal processing.

He is also affiliated with Technische Universität Berlin, coordinating the cooperation with IHP in the field of silicon photonics.

Within the Organising Committee for ECIO 2024 is his role Technical Program Committee Chair.

He is driven by research with real world relevance and he believes that heterogeneous integration technology in optical communication is the emerging technology/trend.

About IHP – Leibniz Institut f. innovative Mikroelektronik
The IHP is a non-university research establishment institutionally funded by the German federal and state governments and a member of the Leibniz Association. The IHP is one of the world’s leading research institutions in the field of silicon/germanium electronics. In this field, it has extensive, closely coordinated expertise in semiconductor technology, materials research, high-frequency circuit design and system solutions. Its electronic and photonic-electronic technologies and circuits are among the most powerful in the world.

Through its research and manufacturing services, IHP contributes significantly to the innovative strength of Germany and Europe, especially in the field of ultrahigh-frequency electronics. The institute’s research results are applied in socially important areas such as semiconductor manufacturing, wireless and power broadband communications, health, space, Industry 4.0 or Agriculture 4.0 and mobility.

For more information visit the website.

Lars Zimmermann is member of the local ECIO 2024 committee, click here for more information.

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