Engineering photons and phonons in silicon nanostructures

Periodic subwavelength patterning of silicon enables the control of nonlinear effects with unprecedented flexibility. Here, we will present our most recent results on nonlinear supercontinuum generation and nonlinear Brillouin interactions in subwavelength waveguides.

An invited speaker presentation by Carlos Alonso Ramos, Professor at Université Paris-Saclay.

About Carlos Alonso-Ramos
He obtained his PhD in June 2014 at the Universidad de Málaga, Spain, on the development of high-performance integrated photonic circuits for chip interconnects and next generation coherent transceivers. Currently he is a CNRS researcher in the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (C2N) in Palaiseau, France. His research interest include the study of linear, nonlinear and optomechanical properties of silicon photonics circuits in the near- and mid-infrared for applications in telecom, sensing and quantum.

About the Silicon photonics Group at Université Paris-Saclay
Micro and Nano-Photonics devices on silicon platform (MINAPHOT)

The Minaphot group is conducting a series of research in the field of photonics:

  • High speed optoelectronic devices
  • Ge/SiGe Quantum well nanostructures
  • On-Si hybrid integration: III-V, Carbon nanotubes, polymers, functional oxides, …
  • Strained silicon and nonlinear optical devices
  • Subwavelength waveguiding structures
  • Mid-IR photonics (Si- and Ge-based)

For more information visit the website.

Carlos Alonso-Ramos is invited speaker at the 2024 edition of the European Conference on Integrated Optics.

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