Chilas B.V. is exhibitor at the 2024 ECIO edition

Chilas harvests the best of both Si3N4 and the InP worlds, resulting in external cavity tunable lasers with ultra-narrow ‎linewidth. The lasers can be tuned over the C-band covering a wavelength range larger than ‎‎100 nm ‎and have a linewidth of < 5 KHz. Chilas lasers have a unique combination of characteristics ‎including ultra-narrow linewidth, broad and continuous wavelength tuning, high output power and ‎low noise.

Laser sources operating at new wavelengths are developed constantly expanding the portfolio from visible wavelengths to just beyond the L-telecom band at 1700 nm. Chilas lasers can be ‎used in a number of applications such as telecom, quantum key distribution and advanced optical sensing including fibre sensors and ‎LiDAR.

Research projects
Chilas’ national and European research project collaborations support our roadmap and help enable new applications for tunable ultra-narrow linewidth lasers.

SensorChip project
The SensorChip project develops new sensors for accurately measuring liquid and gas flows, gas composition, and the presence of biomarkers in bodily fluids. The sensors are based on silicon nitride photonic integrated circuits that interact with microfluidics. The project is co-funded by the European Union in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

FLEXIT project
The FLEXIT project develops a supply chain for Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). The FLEXIT-method is being used to integrate SiN and InP photonic components. Further development of the FLEXIT-method will enable processing large parts of photonic chips on industrial level. In addition, a variety of supply chain processes will be optimized to increase the performance. Two demo products will be selected to test the supply chain. These products will be developed upon and altered to fit into the new FLEXIT product standard which is fit for mass production.

In addition, a design-tool will be created on top of already existing software for development of products within the FLEXIT-method. Finally the whole digital chain will be mapped, enabling optimization of all production processes part of the supply chain.

About Chilas
Chilas is a laser manufacturer and provides worldwide customers with widely tunable, ultra-narrow linewidth lasers based on hybrid integration technology. Combining high performance with low cost and low SWaP, Chilas’ lasers benefit customers worldwide with their applications in coherent optical communication, fiber sensing, LiDAR, quamtum, microwave photonics and more.

Chilas was founded in 2018 and it’s a privately held company headquartered in the Netherlands. It is Chilas’ mission to bring top-rated tunable lasers to high-end markets.

For more information about Chilas B.V., visit the site.

We welcome Chilas B.V. as exhibitor of the 25th ECIO edition.

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