AIXEMTEC is sponsor of the 2024 ECIO edition

AIXEMTEC is a leading company in the field of high-precision assembly and testing technologies for photonic components. As part of the Schunk Group since January 1, 2024, AIXEMTEC benefits from a strong financial and technological foundation, enabling it to offer innovative solutions in a global context. The Schunk Group, a German foundation with a broad international presence, provides AIXEMTEC with a network of 65 locations in 26 countries.

Our main product, the Fiberbeast Gen. 2, is an advanced platform for the assembly and testing of fiber optics and photonically integrated circuits (PICs). These systems are essential for the production of products in the fields of telecommunications, datacom, and advanced quantum technologies. For example, the Fiberbeast Gen 2 enables highest coupling efficiencies even with the smallest mode field diameters, making it particularly suitable for precise alignment and coupling in single-mode fiber optic systems.

The machine platform of AIXEMTEC is characterized by its modular architecture, allowing flexible adaptation to various assembly and testing requirements. Through the use of collaborative micromanipulators and advanced sensor systems, including computer vision and non-contact height sensors as well as power measurement heads or spectrometers, the system supports precise and repeatable assembly and testing processes.

These technologies are crucial for achieving submicrometer accuracy in positioning and thus optimizing the optical performance of photonic assemblies and are deployed in AIXEMTECs desktop machines, stand-alone production machines and automated parallelized production lines.

Integration into the Schunk Group expands AIXEMTEC’s capabilities in global services and support, enabling the company to quickly and efficiently respond to customer requirements.

This strategic partnership not only ensures the long-term development of AIXEMTEC but also provides our customers with the security and support of a globally positioned technology group.

Visit the website of AIXEMTEC here to get more information.

We welcome AIXEMTEC as sponsor of the 25th ECIO edition.

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