2018 Proceedings

2018 proceedings: Below you can download the European Conference on Integrated Optics (ECIO) 2018 papers individually in .pdf format.

Wednesday, 30 May

We.1 /PLENARY – The raise of photonic integration

We.1.1. 8-Invited Paper, Delphine Marris-Morini (Univ. Paris-Sud), “Chip-scale integrated photonics for the mid-infrared”

We.1.2. 22-Invited Paper, Tin Komljenovic (UCSB), “Heterogeneous large-scale photonic integration for communications and beyond”

We.1.3. 30-Invited Paper, Michale Liehr (AIM Photonics) Silicon photonics open access in US

Session: We.2.A / Quantum integrated photonics

We.2.A.1. 13-Invited Paper, Yasuhiko Arakawa (Univ. of Tokyo), “Quantum nanostructures and photonic devices”

We.2.A.2. 61-Highly Rated Paper, Quantum Photonic Processor based on Silicon Nitride Waveguides

We.2.A.3. 47-Highly Rated Paper, Tilted-potential Photonic Crystal Cavities for Integrated Quantum Photonics

We.2.A.4. 27-Invited Paper, Carlos Abellan (Quside), “Photonic integration of quantum random number generators”

We.2.A.5. 20-Invited Paper, Carsten Schuck (Univ. Munster), “Integrated quantum photonics”

Session: We.2.B / Spectroscopy

We.2.B.1. 129-Regular Paper, The performance of High-Index-Contrast Photonics Platforms for On-Chip Raman Spectroscopy

We.2.B.2. 45-Regular Paper, On-Chip Vernier Filtering of Colliding Pulse Mode-Locked Laser Coupled with Fabry-Pérot Feedback Cavity via MMI Reflector

We.2.B.3. 4-Invited Paper, Alan Scott (Honeywell), “A Compressive Sensing Integrated Fourier Raman Spectrometer”

We.2.B.4. 119-Highly Rated Paper, Integrated Silicon-on-Insulator AWG Spectrometer with Single Pixel Readout for 2.3 um Spectroscopy Applications

We.2.B.5. 74-Regular Paper, Integrated Al2O3-Yb3+ Microring Laser for On-Chip Active Sensing in an Aqueous Environment

Session: We.3.A / Programmable and reconfigurable PICs

We.3.A.1. 11-Invited Paper, Wim Bogaerts (Univ. Gent), “Programmable photonic integrated circuits”

We.3.A.2. 86-Regular Paper, Ultra-low-power stress-based integrated photonic phase actuator

We.3.A.3. 109-Regular Paper, Automatic Hitless Tuning of Third Order Micro-Ring Resonator Add-Drop Filters

We.3.A.4. 131-Regular Paper, On-chip full-field test engine for photonic integrated devices based on optical frequency domain reflectometry technique

We.3.A.5. 64-Regular Paper, Matrix Addressing Silicon Photonics Phase Shifters using Heaters with Integrated Diodes

We.3.A.6. 105-Regular Paper, A tuning method for photonic integrated circuits in presence of thermal cross talk

Thursday, 31 May

Session: Th.1.A / From monolithic to heterogeneous and hybrid integration

Th.1.A.1 5-Invited Paper, Milan Mashanovitch (Freedom Photonics), “Novel high-performance lasers in InP”

Th.1.A.2 96-Regular Paper, Gain characteristics of 1.3µm GaInNAs-GaAs quantum wells monolithically integrated on Ge

Th.1.A.3 79-Highly Rated Paper, 100 Gb-s Duobinary Electro-Absorption Modulation of a Heterogeneously Integrated InP-on-Si DFB Laser Diode

Th.1.A.4 21-Invited Paper, Tomohiro Amemiya (Tokyo Institute of Technology), “Semiconductor membrane lasers”

Th.1.A.5 15-Invited Paper, Brian Corbett (Tyndall Institute), “Micro-transfer printing for advanced scalable hybrid photonic integration”

Session: Th.1.B / Subwavelength, plasmonics & metamaterials

Th.1.B.1 73-Regular Paper, Water-loaded plasmonic stripe integrated with Si3N4 waveguide using gold and CMOS compatible metals

Th.1.B.2 80-Regular Paper, Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy via isolated plasmonic nanoantennas integrated on silicon nitride waveguides

Th.1.B.3 12-Invited Paper, Jens Schmid (National Research Council, Canada), “Silicon photonics and subwavelength photonic structures-metamaterials”

Th.1.B.4 53-Regular Paper, High performance and small footprint spot size converters based on SWG metamaterial lenses

Th.1.B.5 121-Regular Paper, Coherent control of the absorption and scattering of an isolated plasmonic nanoantenna integrated in a silicon waveguide

Th.1.B.6 19-Invited Paper, Pierre Berini (Univ. Ottawa), “Plasmonics for Integrated Optics”

Session: Th.2.A / Si photonics for tele/datacom

Th.2.A.1 3-Invited Paper, Charles Baudot (STMicroelectronics), “High-speed Si transceiver for datacom applications”

Th.2.A.2 84-Highly Rated Paper, Low-threshold and High-speed Quantum-dot Microring Lasers on Silicon

Th.2.A.3 103-Highly Rated Paper, InAs-GaAs quantum dot 1.3 um DFB laser heterogeneously integrated on a silicon waveguide circuit

Th.2.A.4 7-Invited Paper Michal Lipson (Columbia Univ.), “Next generation Silicon Photonics”

Th.2.A.5 44-Regular Paper, O-Band QPSK modulation based on a silicon dual-drive Mach-Zehnder

39 Th.2.A.6 39-Highly Rated Paper, Dual-polarization O-band silicon nitride Bragg filters with high extinction ration

Session: Th.2.B / Technologies from visible to mid-infrared applications

141 Th.2.B.1 141-Regular Paper, Synchronization of Modelocked Coupled Microresonator Combs

Th.2.B.2 110-Regular Paper, Low-loss inverted taper edge coupler in silicon nitride

Th.2.B.3 24-Invited Paper, Gonzalo Wangüemert (Univ. Málaga), “Mid-infrared suspended waveguide platform & building blocks”

Th.2.B.4 94-Regular Paper, A new platform for integrated quantum optics the short-wave infrared

Th.2.B.5 59-Regular Paper, High-efficiency SiN Grating Fiber-Chip Coupler with Bottom Reflector

Th.2.B.6 25-Invited Paper, David Domenech-VLC, “PIX4life developments the path towards a visible light photonic foundry”

Session: Th.3 / PLENARY Photonic integration technologies, platforms & applications

Th.3.1 2-Invited Paper, Gloria Hoefler (Infinera), “Large scale InP photonic integrated circuits (PICs)”

Th.3.2 10-Invited Paper, Tobias Kippenberg, EPFL, “Optical frequency combs technologies for generation and applications”

Th.3.3 9-IP, Caterina Ciminelli (Polit. Bari), “Silicon photonics biosensors”

Th.3.4 14-Invited Paper, Joyce Poon (Univ. Toronto), “Monolithically Integrated 3D Silicon Photonic Platforms”

Friday, 1 June

Session: Fr.1.A / Biophotonics & lab on a chip

Fr.1.A.1 26 Invited Paper, Jaime Garcia, Nanophotonics Technology Center, High sensitivity photonic configurations for biochemical detection

Fr.1.A.2 138-Regular Paper, Towards Photonic Biosensing using a Three-Port Mach-Zehnder Interferometer in a Silicon Nitride Platform

Fr.1.A.3 125-Regular Paper, Ultra-compact label-free silicon-nanoantenna-based optofluidic microflow cytometer with a high signal-to-noise ratio

Fr.1.A.4 28-Invited Paper, Balpreet S. Ahluwalia (University of Norway), ‘Nanoscopy-on-a-chip high-throughout super-resolution imaging’

Session: Fr.1.B / RF & THz photonics

Fr.1.B.1 66-Regular Paper, Analysis of the Operation of an Integrated Unidirectional Phase Modulator

Fr.1.B.2 67-Regular Paper, Low loss transmission lines in COBRA generic photonic integration platform

Fr.1.B.3 29-Invited Paper, Guillermo Carpintero (Universidad Carlos III), “The future of THz integrated photonics”

Fr.1.B.4 91-Regular Paper, Integrated Passband Optical Filter with High-Order Phase-Shifted Bragg Grating in Silicon-on-Insulator Technology

Fr.1.B.5 101-Regular Paper, Silicon Micro-ring Resonator Integrated in an Optoelectronic Oscillator System

Session: Fr.2 / PLENARY Science & research hightlights

Fr.2.1 6-Invited Paper, Mark Wade (Ayar Labs), “Zero-change photonic integration for co-integration with CMOS electronics”

Fr.2.2 16-Invited Paper, Weidong Zhou (Univ. Texas Arlington), “Printed active hybrid photonic crystal devices for 3D integrated photonics”

Fr.2.3 31-Invited Paper, J. Capmany, (Universitat Politècnica de València) ‘The COST CA16220 Action European Network on High performance Integrated Microwave Photonics’

The conference took place in Valencia, click here for the conference website.