European Conference on Integrated Optics

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Upcoming conference

The 18th ECIO will be held in Warsaw, 18-20 May 2016.

About ECIO

ECIO covers research in the fields of modeling, design, fabrication, packaging and applications of Photonic ICs. It includes research on new and existing materials and devices and addresses a broad range of applications, including telecommunications, signal processing, bio-medicine, sensors and instrumentation.
  • Photonic ICs: design, fabrication, packaging, testing and application
  • Passive waveguide devices, switches and modulators, sources and detectors
  • Integrated optical amplifiers and lasers including VCSELs
  • Electro-, acousto-, thermo-, magneto-optical devices
  • Nonlinear devices: converters, frequency mixers, signal regenerators, ultrafast optical switches
  • Hybrid photonic devices
  • Nanophotonics, photonic crystal materials and devices, metamaterials
  • Plasmonic waveguides and devices
  • Materials and fabrication technologies for waveguide photonic devices; Quantum dots, wires and wells
  • Modelling, theory and simulation of active and passive guided wave devices and quantum optical or opto-electronic structures
  • Characterization and testing of integrated circuits, devices, waveguides and materials
  • Hybrid integration and packaging: flip-chip and bonding techniques, novel pigtailing and packaging technologies, micro-optical benches
  • Application of waveguide devices and systems: telecom & datacom, quantum communication, biophotonics, instrumentation and sensors, microwave applications, data storage